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A 'Thank You' from Marc Davis

  • Sweet, Sweet Sympathy4:19
  • A Most Lovely Suicide3:05
  • Arm's Length Away3:52
  • Canyon of the Cut4:13
  • Intravenous Marionettes3:32
  • Satellite3:52
  • A Great Escape (Living on Borrowed Time)3:37
  • Why Don't You Go Home?2:36
  • A Trick Up My Sleeve2:13
  • We Slipped Away2:53
  • Nobody Here Wants to Let You Down3:51

Thank you.  Welcome in. 
Thank you for lending me your ears and for every time you listened and didn't want to. 
Thank you for every road trip, rest stop, and bar along the way. 
Thank you for the states I've lived in: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Alabama, Massachusetts, Idaho, South Carolina, and California. 
Thank you, Detroit. 
Thank you for every drop of EtOH and drug I've ever taken. 
Thank you, crisis lines, psychotherapists, psychiatric medications, NAMI, and mental health advocates around the world. 
​Mental health stigma?  No, thank you. 
Thank you for music. 
Thank you, Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince. 
​Thank you, friends.  You saved me. 

- Marc Davis