• Sweet, Sweet Sympathy4:19
  • A Most Lovely Suicide3:05
  • Arm's Length Away3:52
  • Canyon of the Cut4:13
  • Intravenous Marionettes3:32
  • Satellite3:52
  • A Great Escape (Living on Borrowed Time)3:37
  • Why Don't You Go Home?2:36
  • A Trick Up My Sleeve2:13
  • We Slipped Away2:53
  • Nobody Here Wants to Let You Down3:51

Intravenous Marionettes EP  was essentially improvised.  Dozens of songs were written and six were chosen to be recorded.  With Josh Antonuccio (acclaimed producer/engineer) at the helm, Marc Davis & secondary producer Sam Gample traveled to the foothills of the Appalachians to realize the potential of the songs. According to Marc Davis, "This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful work of art that I have ever created...it's the album that I've been trying to make for the past decade."  Intravenous Marionettes is dedicated to Evelyn McHale, who's life abruptly ended far too soon.

intravenous Marionettes Ep


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